We can’t seem to shake the snow and cold despite the calendar telling us that it has been spring for more than three weeks.  Our last storm dropped nearly 14″ of snow.  It began on Thursday and continued overnight and into Friday.  Wind gusts were over 50 mph.  I stopped by Canal Park to check out the waves on my way to work.  My photos don’t nearly capture the height of the waves, the strength of the wind or the spray of the water that traveled all the way to my parked car.  I didn’t stay long as I needed to go into work and remain somewhat presentable.

We dug ourselves out on Friday afternoon.  The snowdrift that was once our driveway was nearly 30″ deep.  Mike’s old snowblower struggled, but made it through the heavy snow.  We also had a huge snowdrift that ended up hanging over the roof of our house.

Mike played a little snowball golf in the driveway.  It’s going to be a long time before the golf courses open.

The heavy winds caused ice to blow in towards the harbor blocking the way for many ships.  We spotted nine out on the lake at one time, along with a coast guard cutter clearing the way for them.

The forecast is for another 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow and the possibility of another storm in the middle of the week.  I can’t wait.  😦

6 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Winter

  1. great photos, I love the light house pictures. I have just finished an article about finding God in in the midst of our storms…your picture #5 would be perfect, with your permission may I use it?


    1. Thanks Patty! It was quite an adventure trying to keep my footing and not get completely soaked by the spray from the waves. My lens was spattered with water droplets so the pictures weren’t quite as sharp as I had hoped for. Feel free to use the lighthouse image. You may need to pull the individual photo from my Flickr account since I stitched a grouping of photos together for my blog. I look forward to seeing your article.
      Lake Superior Storm (6)


      1. Thank you so much, I will finish it up today. Considering they were not as sharp as you would have liked, they did turn out beautifully. It shows the strength and power of those waves.


  2. Great pictures! I can,t remember a winter like this since I was a little boy. It snowed for four hours straight yesterday. I,m glad we have a young man that takes care of removing snow from our driveway. Thanks for thr pictures. Don


    1. I just saw the first robin of the season this morning so I’m hopeful that warmer weather is in our near future. Unfortunately, we have to get through another snowstorm predicted to hit Wednesday through Friday before it gets better. I hope it doesn’t head your way after it finishes up here. Mike has shoveled and snowblowed so much this April that his back is really bothering him. I guess Sebastian is going to have to step up and take over more of the shoveling duties. 🙂


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