We spent Easter weekend in the Twin Cities enjoying time with family.  Sebastian and Sophia love hanging out with their cousins (and Aunt & Uncle and Grandparents).  Saturday was spent playing outside, coloring Easter eggs and celebrating their cousin Ella’s birthday with a delicious dinner and birthday cake.

Outdoor Time
Family Fun

We went to mass with Mike’s parents on Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful Easter dinner with the whole family.  The kids had their annual Easter egg hunt, not indoors, but in the basement.  There was too much snow and mud outside.  I neglected to take photos except one of the cousins.  Our sister-in-law was kind enough to take a photo of the four of us.

The Cousins
The Four Of Us

We had a week filled with school and work, along with evenings spent at a baseball practice, a piano lesson, gymnastics and an art night with friends.  Here is a sample of what we worked on.

Art Night

We found these two in our neighbor’s backyard on Friday morning.  Make yourself at home!

Unwelcome Guests

On my way into work I spotted two geese swimming alongside the William A. Irvin.


Sophia had her first piano recital Friday evening.  It was a small performance with some of her teacher’s other students.  They played at a senior apartment building.  Sophia was a little nervous, but didn’t miss a note when it was her turn to play.  She looked very confident behind the piano.  Her cousin, Katelyn, is also a student so we were able to see her perform as well.  We are looking forward to the big recital in May!


Here are a few more random photos from the past week or two.

Ice Flow
Goldeneye Ducks
Mallard Ducks

Until next week…

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