One of my photos was chosen by Daily Duluth Photo for picture of the day.  It made my day too.  🙂


Sophia created her own artwork on Tuesday.  There were no classes for students due to a scheduled staff development day.  I worked from home and needed a project to keep her busy.  She tried her hand at painting on canvas.  I think she did a great job!  The best part is that it kept her busy for over two hours.  🙂

Portrait Of A Boxer

Poor Daphne has not been not been well this week.  She is playful, but has had some tummy issues.  A veterinarian visit may be in her near future.

Sick As A Dog

I’m trying my best to bring this Bougainvillea back to life.  Left outdoors in our climate, this plant will only last one season.  I brought it in this fall to try to winter it over, but not before letting it stay overnight outdoors when the temps dropped below freezing.  It dropped all of its leaves except for just a few.  I thought it was lost.  I put it in our storage room and left it for a few weeks.  The next time I checked it, leaves were beginning to sprout from the bare stems.

Making A Comeback

Here it is in its former glory.


I don’t know if it will make a full recovery, but I plan on giving it my best effort.

Week In Review

We spent Easter weekend in the Twin Cities enjoying time with family.  Sebastian and Sophia love hanging out with their cousins (and Aunt & Uncle and Grandparents).  Saturday was spent playing outside, coloring Easter eggs and celebrating their cousin Ella’s birthday with a delicious dinner and birthday cake.

Outdoor Time
Family Fun

We went to mass with Mike’s parents on Sunday and enjoyed a wonderful Easter dinner with the whole family.  The kids had their annual Easter egg hunt, not indoors, but in the basement.  There was too much snow and mud outside.  I neglected to take photos except one of the cousins.  Our sister-in-law was kind enough to take a photo of the four of us.

The Cousins
The Four Of Us

We had a week filled with school and work, along with evenings spent at a baseball practice, a piano lesson, gymnastics and an art night with friends.  Here is a sample of what we worked on.

Art Night

We found these two in our neighbor’s backyard on Friday morning.  Make yourself at home!

Unwelcome Guests

On my way into work I spotted two geese swimming alongside the William A. Irvin.


Sophia had her first piano recital Friday evening.  It was a small performance with some of her teacher’s other students.  They played at a senior apartment building.  Sophia was a little nervous, but didn’t miss a note when it was her turn to play.  She looked very confident behind the piano.  Her cousin, Katelyn, is also a student so we were able to see her perform as well.  We are looking forward to the big recital in May!


Here are a few more random photos from the past week or two.

Ice Flow
Goldeneye Ducks
Mallard Ducks

Until next week…

Joy of Love ~ Days 25-28

The final day of the Joy of Love photo project is now here .  My pictures from the past four days’ projects are below.

Day 25 Theme ~ When (You Love Them The Most)

I love that Mike always remembers special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.  It’s one  of the things I love most about him.

Valentine's Flowers


Day 26 Theme ~ Bro-Mance

What Mike enjoys when he’s not with the wife and kids.  He has his annual ice fishing trip and annual golf trip, but he also loves skiiing with his brother.

Skiing With His "Bro"


Day 27 ~ What They Say

Sophia reminds us of her love each day. Sometimes she tells us out loud, sometimes it comes from her big hugs, other times she colors a picture and writes the words.

What Sophia Says In Her Pictures


Day 28 ~ Future

I hope for our future to include many more trips to the ski hill and many, many more activities that make us enjoy our time together as a family.

Ski Bums


It has been so much fun and also a challenge to keep up with the daily projects for the Joy of Love class.  Although it was hard to fit it in with work, kids and activities, I’m so glad I did it for the past 28 days.  There is a free week-long mini session in March – Joy of Luck.  I plan to sign up and look forward to this next photography adventure.