Joy of Love ~ Day 9

Day 9 Theme ~ Passions and Hobbies

Sebastian enjoys playing and watching football.  Although his NFL team didn’t make the playoffs this year, his flag football team totally rocked.  Sebastian’s passion for football is shared by his Dad (and his Papa Tom, and his Uncle Sean and Nana Karen too).

Passion For Football


Sebastian has been required to read several books this year for 4th grade.  Although he needed a bit of encouragement to sit down and pull a book out early in the year, we often find him in his room looking like this now.

Book Worm


Sophia’s passion continues to be…art.  She loves to work on any project that involves markers, crayons, glue, scissors or any other form of creativity.

Artist At Work

Holiday Art And A Sneak Peek

Sophia has been busy creating holiday art.  She draws and colors at school and spends her spare time at home doing the same thing.  She also began counting down the days until Christmas at the end of November.  She definitely has a severe case of Holiday Spirit.  Here’s her latest creation.

Sophia's Holiday Art

We did a quick photo shoot in the backyard this past weekend to get pictures for our holiday card.  Here’s a peek at one of the photos that we will be using this year.

Holiday Cheer

Only 16 days until Christmas…