Dry Spell

After a few months away, I hope to catch up and post our summer highlights in the next few weeks.  For now, here are some images captured this past weekend of the northern lights.

The best conditions for seeing the northern lights are clear skies, no fog or haze, the moon being in its darkest phase and viewing them away from city lights.  Of course you also need other factors that actually cause the northern lights that are way too scientific to get into.  After midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, we had a full moon, hazy skies from forest fires, but crazy high aurora numbers (non-technical term).  Although we live in the city, I checked outside to see if I could find any sign of them.  I am so glad I looked.

It certainly wasn’t the most vibrant display I have ever witnessed because of the bright moon and hazy skies, but it was the most amazing.  The lights were to the north, west and east and also directly above.  I spent nearly two hours outside and another hour before I could fall asleep.


Memorial Day Weekend

We had beautiful Memorial weekend weather, with the exception of a bit of rain here and there.  Mike and Sophia spent Friday through Monday at Karen and Tom’s cabin.  Sebastian and I had to cut our trip short and went Saturday morning through Sunday evening.  Baseball practice trumped cabin time.

I took photos only on Sunday, but did capture a little bit of the Northwoods and some cabin fun.

There were many, many tiger swallowtail butterflies in the air and on the ground over the weekend.  Titus enjoyed chasing them.  He never did catch any though.

Titus also enjoyed playing fetch in the water.  We threw sticks and a tennis ball in the shallow water as we are still not certain of his swimming abilities.

Mike, Titus and I took a walk and enjoyed the all of the thing growing along the roadside.

The air temperatures were hot enough to offset the cold lake water.  Kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, knee boarding and jet skiing were some of the many things the kids enjoyed – thanks Uncle Sean & Aunt Melissa!  We also had a nice pontoon ride thanks to Karen and Tom.

And perhaps my favorite photo of the weekend…

I can’t forget to mention the wonderful deep fried turkey dinner with all of the fixings made by Karen and Tom to celebrate a belated birthday for Melissa and an early birthday for me.  There was also a yummy cake to top it off!

Gales Of April

It started with high winds yesterday. Lake Superior was incredible. Photos below. Heavy snow came today. I didn’t take any photos of the snow. It’s the middle of April. No one wants to see snow.  NO ONE.

Here are a couple of images of what the area looks like on an ordinary day just to give you an idea of how angry the lake was.

Brighton Beach was another great place to watch the waves roll in.

The snow is still coming down. Probably just under a foot of snow before it’s all done. School is already canceled for tomorrow.  The kids are happy.  Me…not so much.  Time to dig out.