Cousins 2016

The Sullivan cousins were together over the Labor Day weekend. We had them pause from their activities long enough to pose for the annual dock photo. The photo tradition started in 2008. The photos are below, beginning with 2016.



2014 (Same Kids, Same Lake, Different Dock)




2010 (Not at the Cabin & Max Was Napping)


2008 (No Max – Yet To Be Born)

Aurora Borealis, Round Two

I learned a few things from my first experience with the northern lights.  Lucky for me, I was able to view them many miles from the nearest city the very next evening.  There were fewer clouds and I was better prepared with my camera gear.  The lights weren’t as intense as I had hoped, but still worth the wait in the dark.

aurora-blog (8)

In order to have an open view to the north, Mike and I left the cabin that faces south and walked down a dirt road in the darkness to a small pond. We watched the northern lights together, but after they began to fade, he decided to walk back to the cabin and get some sleep.  I opted to wait and see if they would pick up again.  After several minutes, I heard a huge “kersplash” in the pond next to me.  It was followed by another large splash.  As amazing as the aurora was, I quickly gathered my equipment and walked briskly back to the cabin.  Perhaps just deer in the pond?  I will never know and it may be best to keep it that way.