One of my photos was chosen by Daily Duluth Photo for picture of the day.  It made my day too.  🙂


Sophia created her own artwork on Tuesday.  There were no classes for students due to a scheduled staff development day.  I worked from home and needed a project to keep her busy.  She tried her hand at painting on canvas.  I think she did a great job!  The best part is that it kept her busy for over two hours.  🙂

Portrait Of A Boxer

Poor Daphne has not been not been well this week.  She is playful, but has had some tummy issues.  A veterinarian visit may be in her near future.

Sick As A Dog

I’m trying my best to bring this Bougainvillea back to life.  Left outdoors in our climate, this plant will only last one season.  I brought it in this fall to try to winter it over, but not before letting it stay overnight outdoors when the temps dropped below freezing.  It dropped all of its leaves except for just a few.  I thought it was lost.  I put it in our storage room and left it for a few weeks.  The next time I checked it, leaves were beginning to sprout from the bare stems.

Making A Comeback

Here it is in its former glory.


I don’t know if it will make a full recovery, but I plan on giving it my best effort.

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