Record snowfall, record cold, sleet and ice.   We have had it all and it’s only mid-January. The Polar Vortex has not been good to us in Northern Minnesota.  We have been grateful for a vehicle with AWD, a garage that helps our vehicles start every morning and a newer furnace and windows to keep us warm, even if the temperature outside plunges to -29 degrees.

I’m not sure what kind of tree this is, but it has the most beautiful red berries that look like cherries or small crab apples.  I have to wonder if they are poisonous because the birds have not been interested in eating them.

Winter Berries

Mike has been our designated driver getting Sebastian to basketball practice and tournaments, Sophia to gymnastics and piano and also ski races at Chester Bowl.  In his spare time he also volunteers as a ski patrol at Chester Bowl ski hill – that is when the hill isn’t closed because of subzero temperatures.  Our Pathfinder has come in handy getting everyone where they need to go through the snow and cold.  Here is Sophia’s first ski race of the season at Chester Bowl.  She came in 5th in her division.

Due to the blistering cold January 5 & 6, schools were canceled.  Although the kids have now had five days of school canceled because of the weather, I have to agree that standing at the bus stop with wind chills of -57 is not something I want my kids to do.

Great Start To The Day

Luckily our summer daycare was able to take the kids both days so that Mike and I could make it into the office.  The car ride to work was a little chilly at -22 at 8 o’clock in the morning.  The next day was better.  Only -21!

Long, Cold Drive

The shipping season ended in our port city this week.  We won’t be seeing any more ships on Lake Superior from our living room window until March.

Below Zero Day On Lake Superior

I have to be more creative in my photography, but the cold weather has kept me from venturing outdoors much.  The best I can do is a few photographs of the sunrise from our front steps.

New Day
Breaking Dawn
Sun Rise

I did stay outside for all of 10 minutes this morning.  After I arrived at work, I couldn’t help but snap of few pictures of the cool ice flows in the harbor.

Ice Flow
Break Away

There was a flock of ducks looking for food in the icy waters.  I’m not sure if they had much luck.  They were probably more concerned about staying warm as the temperature was 0 degrees.

Polar Plunge

The weekend is promising to be slightly warmer.  I would like to get our poor boxer, Daphne, outside for a walk one of these days.  She has been confined to mostly indoor exercise this winter.  I will have to get out the dog booties and a jacket for her, but hopefully she will get a chance to enjoy some fresh January air.

Waiting For Summer

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