Snow Storm

Over a foot of snow fell this week.  On Thursday evening, our street was covered in white along with the branches hanging heavily over the roadway.

The next day, the trees were still covered and our yard looked like a scene out of a story book.

The temperatures dropped and yesterday’s daytime high was in the single digits.  Despite the frigid weather, I ventured out on a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood just before sunset.

Cold, but happy, I returned home to warm up and relish in the beauty in our frigid city.

A Walk In The Woods

Sebastian and I hiked through Hartley Park last Sunday.  The weather was overcast, but temperatures were above normal for January.  A nice day for a walk in the woods.

The Edge Of The Pond

Winter Storage

Along The Path

Bird’s Nest


Snow Covered

Babbling Brook

Birch, Lichens & Snow

Unexpected Find

Tall Pines

Top Of Rock Knob

On Frozen Pond

Pretty Pattern