Catching Up

February has past.  March is almost over.  I’ve neglected posting photos over the last several weeks.  Partly because my hard drive crashed and I had to install a new one.  This process was not as simple as I had hoped.  I still have to retrieve photos and documents from the old one.   Luckily the drive is not completely dead and I have a back up of everything.

Here’s a look at what I’ve been photographing recently.

Ice…lots of it in various forms.

Ice and boats.

Snow, tree, pine cone.  I’m sensing a theme here.

How about a new theme.  Sunrises, super blue blood moon and a full moon?

And best of all, a photo before the father-daughter ball.

I’m looking forward to spring and the hopes of warmer temperatures, green grass and no more ice and snow.  Until then…


On my way into work on Monday, Mike called and said that he had heard that a ship was about to come in under the Aerial Lift Bridge.  It was covered in ice from its days on Lake Superior in subzero temperatures.   As I drove, I spotted the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. still out on the lake just a couple of miles from the bridge.  I made it to work, grabbed my company’s point-and-shoot camera and headed back outside just in time to capture a few photos.  Seeing the guys out on the deck of the ship made me very thankful for my desk job indoors.

One Last Blast Of Winter

I may be jinxing things with that title, but hopefully this will be the last round of real winter weather until…well…next winter.  We live in Minnesota though, so I can’t pretend we won’t have more cold temperatures and, yes, more snow.  Hopefully just not as much as we have had over the past few days.

After waking up yesterday to see what had become a winter wonderland, I made a small detour on my way to work to enjoy one last blast of winter.

The Pond
Friendly Fowl

I took these next photos on my way home at lunchtime.  Another small detour.

Path In The Woods
The Road Home