Singing In The Rain…And Sleet…And Snow

This little sparrow didn’t let the terrible April weather bring him down. He was busying singing outside our dining room window despite the rain/sleet/snow that kept falling on his head.  The weather even caused schools to be closed which made for two very happy kids.

The wintry weather brought a constant stream of birds to the feeder.  Even the elusive cardinal that I’ve been trying to get a decent photo of waited on the grapevine for his turn to have some lunch.

I’m still waiting for the opportunity to capture the female cardinal.  We have seen her several times, but she doesn’t stay long enough to pose for a picture.

Spring Is For The Birds

Although it is officially Spring, the weather has been cold and dreary here.  Snowflakes, freezing drizzle and endless days of clouds.  It has fit the mood in our house as we still find ourselves mourning the loss of our sweet Boxer, Daphne.  We know the days will be brighter ahead and the forecast for the upcoming week shows promise with 50 degree days and peeks of sunshine.  We also had some good news on Friday…Sebastian made the high school JV baseball team.  He will be busy with 6:30 am practices during the week and Saturday games out-of-town.  We are very excited for him as we know how hard he has been working to prepare for tryouts.  We look forward to cheering him on during the weeks ahead.

Our backyard has been busy with finches, chickadees and even an occasional cardinal. This house finch was hanging out on our grapevine this afternoon awaiting his turn at the bird feeder.  A bright spot on an otherwise gloomy day.