Port City

I brought my camera with me to work on Friday in the hopes of stopping by Bayfront Park at some point to see the hot air balloons at the Balloon Festival.  Due to weather conditions and a crazy work day, I never had the chance to see the balloons or even make it away from my desk.  I did stop by Canal Park on my way into work to take pictures of a ship sitting out in Lake Superior.  There was wonderful morning sunlight on the ship as I was making my way to Canal Park, but by the time I got there, the gray skies took over.

Gray Morning

Over The Edge

Ship View

Bird’s Eye View

Light The Way


As I was leaving my office much later that day, the dark clouds of the morning were overtaken by bright sunlight.  This ship was just going out of the harbor as I was headed home for the day.

Break In The Clouds

Under The Bridge

The beautiful sunshine stayed for most of the weekend as we ushered in fall.  I can’t wait to get out and capture some of the autumn colors in the coming weeks.

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