Happy Birthday Sebastian!  Here are thirteen words to describe you as you enter your teenage years.

  1. Smart
  2. Funny
  3. Athletic
  4. Musical
  5. Mathematical
  6. Practical
  7. Genuine
  8. Kind
  9. Thoughtful
  10. Caring
  11. Understanding
  12. Observant
  13. Wonderful

We hope you enjoyed your birthday spent with family and also had a good time with your friends during your party.


Annual Birthday Banner Photo
Breakfast Bacon
Birthday Board
Opening Presents


Party Agenda
Birthday Cookie
Time To Blow Out The Candle

Although most of your actual birthday was spent at school, we hope your evening was worth the wait.  Your grandparents surprised you by driving up to celebrate.  We ate one of your favorite dinners – tacos.  We had birthday cake – yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting. We opened presents and enjoyed time as a family.

After school the next day you had a party with friends.  Some laser tag, mini golf and other games at Adventure Zone, pizza, Iron Man 3 movie and a sleepover.  Pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  What could be better?

Happy 13th Birthday!

~Mom, Dad & Sophia


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