Port City

I brought my camera with me to work on Friday in the hopes of stopping by Bayfront Park at some point to see the hot air balloons at the Balloon Festival.  Due to weather conditions and a crazy work day, I never had the chance to see the balloons or even make it away from my desk.  I did stop by Canal Park on my way into work to take pictures of a ship sitting out in Lake Superior.  There was wonderful morning sunlight on the ship as I was making my way to Canal Park, but by the time I got there, the gray skies took over.

Gray Morning
Over The Edge
Ship View
Bird’s Eye View
Light The Way

As I was leaving my office much later that day, the dark clouds of the morning were overtaken by bright sunlight.  This ship was just going out of the harbor as I was headed home for the day.

Break In The Clouds
Under The Bridge

The beautiful sunshine stayed for most of the weekend as we ushered in fall.  I can’t wait to get out and capture some of the autumn colors in the coming weeks.

Project 52 ~ Week 47

Week 47 Theme ~ Water

You would think living next to the largest freshwater lake in the world that my “water” themed photo would be a no-brainer.  I also took the week off from work so I should have had time to drive down to Lake Superior and get a fabulous photo.  But I didn’t.  It was either too cloudy or too sunny or I was too busy preparing for Thanksgiving.  I ended up taking a photo of water dripping from a rose hip in the back yard.  It isn’t Lake Superior, but it will have to do.

Water Droplet
p.s. My previous two weeks of photos (weeks 45 & 46) were chosen and featured on MCP Actions Blog along with some other seriously cool photos.  You can find them here and here.


A very cool thing happened this morning.  I found out that one of my photos was selected in a contest by The Pioneer Woman.  She has a fabulous site filled with stories about her life on a ranch raising four children with her husband.  It includes her photography, recipes and daily musings.  She often has photography contests with a theme.  This week’s theme is “flowers”.  I submitted this photo of Sophia holding pretty blue forget-me-nots.


There are usually 5 or 6 groups of photos chosen for the week. A number of finalists are chosen from those groups.  A winner along with runners-up are selected.  I’m not sure that I will make the cut.  There are some AMAZING photos posted, but it is fun to see one of my photos in amongst those from some very talented photographers.  I had another photo selected last May in one of her contests.  You can see the post here.  I didn’t make it to the finals, but it was an honor to be chosen. 🙂