I have been complaining about the weather for a few weeks now.  We have had 51 inches of snow during the month of April (a record) and have experienced the third snowiest season in Duluth’s history.  During a brief bit of sunny party cloudy skies yesterday, I saw geese and ducks in the Harbor enjoying the warmth of the partial sun.

Single File
Show Off
Lady Duck
Iceberg Right Ahead
Bridge Reflection
We Have Our Eyes On You
Bath Time
Bottoms Up
Reflection & Ice

I spotted several geese swimming in the open areas of water and walking on the ice.

Gaggle Of Geese
Flying South
Stretching Their Wings
Flying With Friends

Despite some partial sunshine during the day, the evening looked like this…AGAIN!

Our Last Snow Storm?

Luckily the sun came back out today, melted most of the snow from last night and is supposed to be back this weekend along with temperatures in the 60’s.  I can hardly wait!

Along with today’s sun, came many more birds in the Harbor, including this seagull and more geese.

White On White
Flying High
All Alone

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather forecasters are accurate in their predictions.  Next time I post, my sincere hope is that it has nothing to do with snow!

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