When it began snowing again yesterday (Or was it the day before? I can’t keep track anymore.), a co-worker mentioned how the big flakes dropping outside our office windows made it look like we were inside a snow globe.  She was putting a comical spin on our unfortunate weather pattern of recent weeks.  The beautifully falling delicate snowflakes ended in over a foot of snow in our area by late this morning.  17.7 inches of snow was reported by the National Weather Service located just a few miles from us.  North of Duluth along Lake Superior, another area had nearly two feet of snow.

Covered In Snow
Spring In Our Backyard – Evening
Spring In Our Backyard – Morning
Sprinkled In White

I did find a little color to photograph.  It was the best I could do.

Special Delivery

Due to the storm that blanketed Minnesota in snow, Mike’s parents had to postpone their trip to visit us.  We had hoped to celebrate Karen’s birthday with dinner and birthday cake, but due to poor road conditions, we had to cancel our plans.  Unfortunately, the cake that I had baked to celebrate Karen’s special day would not stay fresh until we could reschedule our get-together.  We had to sacrifice by cutting and serving it tonight after dinner without Karen here to celebrate with us.  Happy Birthday Nana/Mom/Karen!  Your cake was delicious!!

Dark Chocolate Cake With Fresh Raspberries
From The Top

Don’t worry, I will make you another one when we see you next.  🙂

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