We are used to hearing lots of hype surrounding storms that are predicted to hit our area.  Last year we had the “blizzard that wasn’t” where predictions of 24″ of snow with high winds turned out to be one big windy day – no snow.  We have become accustomed to lots of talk, but little to no snow.  Late last week we started hearing about the big storm scheduled to arrive on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday evening.  I was thinking, “here we go again”.  We even started a wager at our house with what the total snow accumulation would be.  The winner receiving a prize package to include control of the TV remote and the dinner selection for the evening.  The weather forecasters had been predicting totals reaching up to 18 inches with blizzard conditions, high winds, dangerous travel, etc.  I felt generous at guessing 6 inches for the storm total.  Sebastian guessed 7 inches, Sophia 7.5 inches and Mike went all out at 13.1 inches.

Tuesday evening came and went with no snow.  I woke up 3am and looked out to see how much snow we had received – nada!  When I got up for work at 5:30am, there was a small amount of snow blowing across the driveway and yard.  The weather forecasters were lowering their predictions at this point, but still insisting a foot or more of snow would fall during the day.  Schools and business all over the city and area were closed.  Mike felt venturous and took my aging 4wd SUV to work.  I stayed with the kids and worked from home.

The winds continued to pick up throughout the morning and the snow began to fall.  By lunchtime, more businesses were closing, the city buses were only on emergency routes.  Sebastian was getting bored with being inside and decide to venture out.  Geared up with snow pants, boots, gloves and ski goggles, he proceeded to start shoveling our driveway.  Unfortunately, it was a completely futile effort considering the winds gusts were clocked at over 50 mph during the day with a 65 mph gust along the bridge connecting Duluth and Superior.  The light snow combined with the high winds caked icy snow on all of our windows – north-facing, south-facing, east and west – all caked with ice.

View To The Outside
Blustery Day


After realizing that he wasn’t getting very far with the driveway, he worked on our small back deck to clear the way to the backyard for Daphne to…well, you, know.. she’s a dog.  Anyway, he came back in tired, covered with snow and ready for a snack.

We had a couple of very short power outages, a snowmobile or two drive by on our street and the power company truck drive by.  We continued to stay inside until later in the afternoon.  Sebastian headed out after 3pm and took another stab at the driveway.  I felt bad watching him out the window so I decided to gear up and help.  Sophia didn’t want to stay inside by herself, so she got her snow pants and boots on to join us.  Even though the wind gusts could take your breath away, the temperatures were in the low 30’s.  Not too bad by Minnesota standards.  We worked on the driveway, built two forts, made snowballs and shoveled out Daphne’s path to the backyard…again.  After 30 minutes of shoveling by hand, Mike arrived home from work and got out the snow blower.

Here’s a peek at the fun we had.

The Snowball Maker
Watch Out!
The Snow Fort
In Hiding
Sophia's Fort
Snowdrift On The Roof
Look Out Below
Snow Covered Trees
Snow Covered Yard Light
Snow Blowing
Have A Seat

And my favorite photo…

Snowed In


The storm totals from the local weather service came in at 9.5 inches.  Predictions were off once again, but at least we finally received enough snow to make it look like winter in Minnesota.  As far as storms go, it was a pretty good one.   Schools are canceled for the second day due to poor road conditions.  Sebastian and Sophia were super excited about that.  Mike stayed home with them and they are working on the “bobsled” course in the backyard.   How cool is that?  And last but not least, Sophia won the snow total bet.  She is debating between mac & cheese, steak or pizza for her meal of choice.  I’m not sure what will happen when she is in control of the TV remote.  I’m glad she is beyond the princess/Dora stage.  There may be hope for something entertaining.

Check back in the next few days.  I’m sure we will have backyard sledding pictures to share.  For now, here’s last year’s.

2 thoughts on “Leap Day Blizzard

  1. Karen forwarded your Leap Day Blizzard Story. We beat you on snow totals – 17 inches here in Minocqua. It is finally winter. We have lots of pictures too. This snow was heavy and felt like cement but we have the driveway and steps done by someone else. I did try to clean off the front deck and the first two steps, then I gave up. It was too heavy. Our dog Odin at least found a place to do his business our our back garage door!!! Most of our storm came during the night so only 1 day of school was closed. Happy Winter.


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