When you live next to the world’s largest fresh water lake, you become familiar with how it can change the weather – heavy fog, cooler summers, warmer winters and lake effect snow.  Weather forecasters are often inaccurate when predicting temperatures or precipitation when the winds change and start blowing off the lake.  The forecast on Friday evening was for flurries overnight and up to 3 inches of snow accumulating throughout the day Saturday.  I would have to say that they were a bit off…once again.  Here’s what we actually received.

14.5 Inches


We woke up to several inches Saturday morning and it continued throughout the entire day.  By evening we had over a foot of snow and by Sunday morning we had reached 14.5 inches.  Mike pulled the snow blower out three times during the day Saturday so that we could get out to two playoff basketball games for Sebastian, register the kids for ski races and make a run to the grocery store.  Sophia had decided on a breakfast dinner for winning the previous snow total bet so we had to pick up supplies.  We didn’t bother to make a bet for this next “storm” since the original forecast had minimal accumulation expected.

The nice thing about lake effect snow is that it is light and fluffy.  Not like the heavy stuff we received during our “blizzard” last week.  Speaking of our blizzard snow, Thursday was warm enough for Mike and Sophia to make this guy during their day off from work and school.

Mr. Snowman


Here’s what he looked like this morning when I was out shoveling our driveway…again.

Snow Covered Snowman


Sophia had a friend over Saturday during our snow event.  Her friend lives just blocks from our house, so it is was a short walk through the snow to get here.  She came prepared in snow gear and with a sled.  The girls took turns going down our newly complete sledding course in the backyard – the one I didn’t think we would have this year since we had grass in the backyard two weeks ago.

Winter Fun


They also tried a couple of runs together on one sled.

Two Person Sled
Wipe Out


They trudged through the deep snow and found a perfect spot to make snow angels.

Expedition In The Backyard


They also found the biggest snow pile in the yard and climbed to the top.

King Queen Of The Hill


Then they slid down.



They got tired from all the play outdoors and cold from the snow filtering in under their snow gear and played inside for the rest of the afternoon.  By that time I think we were all tired of the snow.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, here’s what I saw when I was out shoveling at 7:45am.

"White" Pines
Looking Down The Street


After breakfast the kids headed out with Mike to have some fun in the snow.

Wipe Out
Sled Boarding
Sledding With Dad


Sunday afternoon the kids had their final ski race at Chester Bowl.  The snow actually had ended by this time and the sun came out.  It was warm on the slopes and the fresh powder made for some great skiing.

Last Race


Here’s Sebastian – he’s the black spot with a red helmet in the center of the picture.



We hope to enjoy the new snow a bit more before the spring thaw hits.  Temperatures are forecast to be in the 30’s and 40’s this week.  We are looking forward to skiing with Mike’s Dad next weekend at Spirit Mountain and perhaps we can make a family for Mr. Snowman in the front yard before it all melts.

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