It’s been a wild couple of weeks.  We celebrated Sophia’s birthday nearly two weeks ago, spent a weekend at Mike’s parents’ lake cabin and experienced flooding in our city and neighboring towns.

I will begin with the birthday girl who has been begging to have her ears pierced for the past two years.  We finally gave in and took her to mall to on her birthday to have it done.  It rained the entire day so it was actually nice to be indoors.  We also did a little shopping while we were there which Sebastian benefited from.  He loves his new Nike shoes.  🙂

Here’s the birthday girl after the first ear was done, but before the second one was finished.  You can tell by her face that it hurt, but she was brave and didn’t cry.

No Tears


Here she is after arriving home from having her ears pierced.

Newly Pierced Ears
Birthday Cake


We spent Father’s Day weekend at the Sullivan cabin boating, enjoying the warm weather and the lake.

Going For A Boat Ride With Nana
Fishing Lesson From Dad
Pink Sky


We have had our share of precipitation this year.  We had a big snowstorm in March and many, many inches of rain this spring.  We welcomed summer with over 10 inches of rain in a 24 hour period on Tuesday-Wednesday last week.  Our house came through it okay, just a little water in our garage and laundry room and a small area of damp carpet in the family room.  Others we know have had extensive damage with several feet in their basements and also friends in Superior with 3 feet of water on their main floor and over $100,000 in damage.  Some roads have considerable damage, others are perfectly fine.

Here’s how it all started.


We ventured out in the afternoon after the water had receded a bit on Wednesday.  Here’s a look at our neighborhood.


Damaged Road


Below is the road that Sophia’s friend lives on.  She was at Sophia’s birthday party just  two weeks ago.  Now they can’t drive out of their driveway.  Photo from MPR website.



We didn’t have any damage at either of our workplaces and feel very fortunate to have come through the flooding with no damage at our home as well.  We know many others that have a long road of clean up and rebuilding.  Please keep them in your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Piercing, Boating And Flooding

  1. Our area had severe flooding last September and we are still digging out and cleaning up. Thankfully like you we had no damage. But so many are still suffering. On a happier note, I love the pictures, your daughter looks pretty with her newly pierced ears and I especially like the pink sky! Beautiful! Blessings – Patty


    1. Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry to hear that you had flooding damage in your area too. It’s amazing the destruction water can do. Our city has an older infrastructure with many old roads and bridges. These were hit particularly hard. Rebuilding is taking place already though. Thanks again for stopping by my little blog!


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