A STRIKE-ing Success

Sophia celebrated her 8th birthday early with a “friends” party on Sunday.  The party was held at a local bowling alley.  They bowled, ate pizza & cupcakes and played in the game room.

The Bowling Crew

Birthday Girl


Her friends autographed a retired bowling pin for her to take home.

Ready For Signatures

Happy Birthday


They played cosmic bowling with the music up high and the lights down low.  Not great for pictures, but lots of fun.

Time To Play

Goofing Around

Posing With Davey The Dinosaur


The bowling scores were not that of league material, but no one cared including the birthday girl who had a 59.

Scores – 1

Scores – 2


Earlier in the day we baked bowling pin shaped sugar cookies.  We frosted them with white chocolate and added red licorice to finish them off.  We also made a few bowling balls frosted with semi-sweet chocolate and added Life Savers for finger holes.

Bowling Cookies

Party Favor


They posed for one more goofy photo after Sophia finished opening her gifts.

Acting Silly


The kids had a great time.  Mike and I enjoyed watching the fun.  The best part of the day was packing up and leaving the mess behind.  Well, maybe not the best part, but you could say it was the “icing on the cake”.

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