A quick recap of the past few weeks.

Mike chaperoned Sophia’s school field trip to the Lake Superior Zoo.

2nd Grade Field Trip
The Overlook


We went to the Sullivan cabin over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was cool and somewhat rainy, but that didn’t stop Sebastian from christening the swim season by jumping in the lake.  With the air temperature in the low 60’s and the water temperature even lower, he didn’t stay in the water long.

Taking The Plunge
In Mid-Air
Drying Off & Warming Up
Life Guard On Duty


Sebastian spent a day in the Twin Cities for his class field trip.  They visited the Children’s Museum and History Center.  He was very excited to enjoy the day riding in style.  They took coach buses instead of school buses.  It may have been the highlight of the day.  No pictures, he opted not to take a camera with.  The boy travels light.

Sophia finished the school year with a picnic at Chester Park.  The kids played, hiked and enjoyed picnic foods for lunch.  I stopped by for a bit to check out the fun.

Just Hangin’ Around


I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of June.  Mike and I took the day off from work and enjoyed most of the day outside on the deck.  We did have to do a couple of errands in the morning.  I renewed my driver’s license – nothing like waiting until the last minute.  We also had to go to the grocery store.  Mike informed me that for his birthday, he doesn’t want to spend time doing either of those things.

Birthday Cake


Sebastian’s class had root beer floats to finish off the school year.  They also spent time signing each other’s yearbooks.

Final Days


Sebastian headed to the bus stop for his last day of elementary school.  He barely stopped for me to take a picture.  He will be going to the new middle school in the fall.

Last Day Of School


Sophia sat on the big rock next to the bus stop to pose for her picture.

Last Day Of 2nd Grade
Close Up


The bus finally arrives.

School Is (Almost) Out For The Summer
The End

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