End Of The School Year

Today was the final day of the school year.  Sophia finished up 5th grade and will be moving on to middle school in the fall.  Sebastian had his final day of 8th grade and will start high school in September.

Ready For The Last Day

Sophia had an awards ceremony and graduation yesterday.  She received certificates for being a Regional and State Finalist in the Minnesota State Inventors Congress for her “Sleep Tight” invention.  She also received a certificate for Outstanding Academic Excellence for a GPA of 3.5+.


Sebastian’s school had an 8th grade assembly where he was awarded with a certificate for a 4.0 GPA this school year.  He has maintained a 4.0 in all three years of middle school.  Way to go Sebastian!

Both kids had perfect attendance this year.  Quite a feat with all of the germs in the schools!

We are very proud of both Sebastian and Sophia.  They had wonderful experiences in each of their schools and we know that they will excel in their new schools this fall.

First Day Of School 2014

The first day of school was on Tuesday.  Sophia is in her final year of elementary school as a 5th grade student and Sebastian is his final year of middle school as an 8th grade student.  Each had their school’s open house last week.  They brought their school supplies, met their teachers and found their lockers.  Neither seemed too nervous about the return to school.  They were not ready for summer to end, but neither am I.  Helping with homework, filling out forms, packing lunches…I’m tired already!

Sophia was efficient in getting ready which allowed extra time for us to walk to the bus stop with her and take photos.

5th Grade

Sebastian  was also ready early, but was not interested in me taking photos.  He did allow me to take a few pictures before he headed to the bus stop and I left for work.

8th Grade

Next year Sebastian will be going off to high school and Sophia to middle school.  Where did the time go?  I guess I will just enjoy where they are for now.  Off to pack lunches…