Cousins 2016

The Sullivan cousins were together over the Labor Day weekend. We had them pause from their activities long enough to pose for the annual dock photo. The photo tradition started in 2008. The photos are below, beginning with 2016.

2014 (Same Kids, Same Lake, Different Dock)
2010 (Not at the Cabin & Max Was Napping)
2008 (No Max – Yet To Be Born)

A Little Of This And That

I have been busy taking photos during the past few weeks, but can’t seem to find enough time to download, edit, upload and post them.  The weekend has been a complete rain-out, which has given me some time to process several images. Here are a few of my favorites. Some were taken in the backyard, others at my in-laws cabin. There is a Mother’s Day photo with the kids and a beautiful rainbow that we saw while having my birthday dinner.  I love this time of year.  So much growing, blooming and changing every day.  Enjoy!

Crab Apple Blooms
Bleeding Heart
Purple Calla Lily
Mother’s Day
Peter Rabbit
Yellow Lady’s Slipper
Gone To Seed
Dragon Fly
Single Parenting
Busy Bee
Adorable Nephew
Just Keep Paddling
Birthday Rainbow
Double Rainbow

Summer Vacation 2015

We were on vacation last week in Hayward, Wisconsin.  Our week began on Saturday, July 4.  It was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy the fireworks from various cabins around the lake (see previous post).

Sunday was another gorgeous day.  We spent most of our day outside in the sun, on the water and with nature all around us.

Friendly Dragonfly
Blooming With Bugs
Just Ducky!

Monday was rainy and the better part of our day was spent playing games, reading and relaxing.  Mike and the kids did venture into town during the afternoon to look at the shops and check out the candy store – it was packed!  The weather cleared enough that Daphne and I went for a long walk.

Tuesday was cool, but sunny.  A good day for mini golf and go-karts.

Hitting The Links

By the way, I took home the prize for low score.  Woo hoo!

Family Photos After The 18th Hole
The Race Is On

The weather continued to be nice for the remainder of our vacation.  Perfect for boating, tubing and even water skiing.

On The Water
Leap Of Faith
Up To Something No Good

Sebastian enjoyed his new passion – driving the boat.  He recently completed online training and passed his boating exam.  He is officially a licensed driver.

Driving The Boat & Fully Licensed


Riding The Waves
Ready, Set, Up For The First Time
Up Again After A Long Break

We found the local baseball field so that we could keep Sebastian in shape for his Little League season.  I didn’t get any photos of him batting.  I was too busy in the outfield getting the balls he hit, but Sophia did catch a few photos of Mike and I giving it a try.

Let’s Play Ball

Daphne did a lot of what she usually does – hang out with us and sleep.

R & R

We had a great vacation and appreciated our time together as a family.  The break from work, activities, errands and constant business was so wonderful.

Calm Waters

We took our annual family vacation photo on the stairs during our last evening of vacation.

Family Vacation Photo 2015

And one final photo on departure day…

Homeward Bound

We can’t wait until next year!