Everything is blooming much earlier than last year.  I was surprised to see that these had opened outside of Sophia’s window earlier this week.



I love when these irises begin to open.

Burgundy Beauty
Maroon & Gold


The bleeding hearts have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  They are also a favorite of mine.

Bleeding Hearts
String Of Blossoms


A pair of purple finches have decided to make a nest in one of my hanging basket Impatiens.  I took this photo when there was one lonely egg in the nest.  Now there are three.  It makes watering my plant a bit complicated.

One Egg


We also found that the robin’s nest under the eave of our house has a fresh set of eggs in it.  We have quite a busy backyard.

I hope to get a post in this weekend to recap Sebastian and Sophia’s last couple of weeks of school filled with field trips and activities, my birthday, baseball season and a few other things going on recently.  The guys will be busy with baseball all day Saturday while Sophia and I will be traveling to a grad party for my nephew.  On Sunday we will be celebrating Sophia’s birthday with her friends at a bowling alley.  On second thought, the next post may not happen until next week.

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