It’s Sunday evening and winter break for the kids has come to an end.  They had a good week with lots of fun at daycare Monday through Wednesday.  Sebastian had the opportunity to go to Spirit Mountain on Monday evening with his daycare friend’s church group and went tubing and rode the Alpine coaster.  Both kids had dentist appointments on Thursday, no cavities, but braces will likely be in Sophia’s future.  The dentist said she would give us a referral to an orthodontist at our next check up in August.  Just when we were cutting back on child care costs, the orthodontist will more than make up for it.

We checked into a local hotel Thursday afternoon using a gift certificate we won at a silent auction event this past fall.  We had a room with direct access to the pool.  The kids had their swimsuits on before I even had everything in the room.  We swam, used the hot tub and had the pool area pretty much to ourselves.

Swim Break
Floating Along


Sebastian worked on his cannonball.

Cannonball I
Cannonball II
Cannonball III
Cannonball IV
Cannonball V - The Big Splash


I played lifeguard until Mike joined us after work.  My swimming skills are lacking, so I was relieved that the pool was only five feet deep.

No Lifeguard
Pool Rules
Hot Tub


There was also a game room in the pool area.  Lucky that Mike and I rarely have any cash in our wallets.  The kids talked us into getting them tokens, but our combined efforts only provided for $12 in tokens.  Sebastian really wanted to win this.

Angry Bird


He came up empty-handed, but Sophia managed to win two rubber balls in a crane game.  She used her sharing skills and gave one to Sebastian.

Rubber Ball


After the kids were exhausted from swimming, we ventured out into Canal Park to get some dinner at Green Mill.

Dinner Out Via i-Phone
Aerial Lift Bridge


After dinner, we enjoyed s’mores back at the hotel.

Roasting Marshmallows
Making S'mores
Get In Close


The kids swam again in the morning before breakfast, then filled up on waffles, fruit, yogurt and juice at the complimentary breakfast buffet.

More Pool Time
What, It's Time To Go?


Views of Canal Park from the pool area.

Gray Day
Water Towers
Brick Building


The kids layed low for the rest of the afternoon knowing that they would be up late at the Bulldog hockey game that night.  We watched a great overtime game with a winning goal at two minutes left in the overtime period.  These are photos from last fall at the Bulldog home opener during the tailgate party.  A friend and co-worker of mine took a few photos of our family and I just saw them for the first time last week.

Bulldog Fans
Go Dogs!
Dad And Daughter Dog Fans


Winter break came to an end today with an all day snow storm and ski races at Chester Bowl.  Sophia skied two solid races despite having some problems with her ski bindings right before the race.  Mike got her back on track and she had a couple of nice runs.  Sebastian finished in first place in his division.  Mike snapped this picture with his iPhone when Sebastian went up to collect his trophy and take his moment on the podium.  Way to go!

Gold Medal Winner


And last, but not least, here’s Daphne playing in some of our new snow.

Looking For Her Tennis Ball In The Snow


We are expecting more snow this week, days filled with school and work and evenings filled with activities.  I am already looking forward to next weekend!

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