Following the long holiday break, the kids are back to school.  Mike and I are back to work and the temperatures are back to below zero. It was a cold start to the day for everyone, but especially for this tugboat captain breaking ice in the Duluth Harbor just after sunrise this morning.

Cold Commute

7 thoughts on “Minus 16F

  1. Nice photos, Mary. Nadine gave me Don’s Olympus SLR, so I am excited to see what I cam learn to do with a real camera! In the meantime, my point and shoot photos are posted on my Facebook page in an album called My busy backyard. Feel free to friend request if you do Facebook! Listed as Laurie Holmgren Wachholz


    1. Thanks Laurie! I’m sure you will take amazing photos with Don’s SLR. There are great online resources. Community education classes are great too. That’s what I did after Mike gave me my first Canon SLR camera. I haven’t been on Facebook, but would love to see your photos. I may have to check them out.


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