It is still not officially winter per the calendar, but since we had the huge snow storm after Thanksgiving, the temperatures have either been below zero or single digits.  We took our holiday card photo on a day with a high temperature of 3, wind chills below zero and snow flurries.  I usually try to get several shots so that I know that we have the perfect photo. Not this time.  Our remote shutter stopped working because the battery was too cold.  I did make the kids stay outside for an extra minute or two after I took the camera off the tripod so that I could make sure to get a good shot of just the two of them.

Days and days of temperatures 25 degrees below average is getting old really fast.  Rumor has it that there will be a day or two of 20 degree temperatures soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the cold “tundra” of northern Minnesota.

Frosted In Snow
Sunrise With Snow
Dawn Of A New Day
Far Off Ship

Here is a preview of our holiday card photos.  Notice the white snow dots on our clothes and faces.

Family Photo

It was too cold for Daphne to join us for the family photo so I snapped a picture of her indoors where it was nice and toasty.


Out on Lake Superior, the evaporation of lake water created “sea smoke” in the subzero air.

Ship Through The Sea Smoke
Cold Canal

It certainly makes for a cold work day for the people working on the ships coming into port.


What I want most for Christmas is to be able to enjoy all of our new snow without the unbearably cold temperatures.  Are you listening Santa?

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