The second set of flowers are now opening on my amaryllis.  The first stalk had four flowers. The second has three.  This poor amaryllis plant has been photographed way too much.  To give the pictures a twist, I added a touch of Photoshop magic.

Moody Amaryllis, I
Moody Amaryllis, II

We had some visitors to our backyard recently.  A couple of neighborhood deer stopped by to add to the destruction of our shrubs.

Having A Little Snack

After I knocked on the glass of our dining room window, she turned to look at me.  I guess the snow fell from the higher branches and landed right on her face.  Poor thing (insert sarcasm here).

Snow In The Face
Damaging Duo


My recent purchase.  Isn’t it beautiful?  We christened it by making a batch of banana muffins.  The were delicious.

Red Beauty

Here is the new and improved sledding course.  A whole new design for 2013.  Sebastian has been working on it the past few evenings after our big snowstorm on Sunday (his Dad helped too). The extra nine inches of snow allowed him to bank up the sides and create a nice curve at the bottom.

New & Improved For 2013!
Fast & Furious
Watch Out For The Curve At The End

3 thoughts on “Amaryllis Revisited, Visitors, Big Red Mixer & The Course

  1. Your flower photos are amazing. I really like the tones in the image. The image almost looks like a reflection due to the symmetry of the flower. You also demonstrate great control of the background in these images. Finally, I must say that I prefer the close-up version of the shoot.


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