I haven’t had my camera out much lately.  It seems there has been little to photograph.  It is the dead of winter, it is just getting light when I leave for work and dark when I get home.  There is nothing growing outside.  No gardens to photograph.  No outdoor sports events to take pictures of the kids at.  I did get a small bit of inspiration after seeing Daphne soaking up the sun by the front window this past weekend.  I took a few pictures of our lovely boxer and somehow managed to sweet-talk Sebastian and Sophia into letting me photograph them also.  So here are a few pictures from our spontaneous mini photo shoot.

Brown-Eyed Girl
Canine Portrait
Seeing Spots
The Girls
Best Of Friends

Some behind the scenes details…

  • I balanced a dog bone toy on my head to get Daphne to look at me.  A little gross since it had dried dog slobber on it, but it worked.  I took a shower afterwards.  🙂
  • I thought about Photoshopping the big gap in Sebastian’s smile along with the pointy tooth coming in.  Then I realized that it may look a little funny, but that’s what being twelve and losing your teeth is all about.
  • I should have made Sebastian take off his Twins knit hat, but didn’t want to push my luck.  He doesn’t usually agree to let me take pictures of him.  I decided I should take what I can get.

I also snapped a few pictures with my iPhone yesterday morning after arriving to work.  The sun was coming out and the dense fog was beginning to lift.  I wished that I had taken my Canon with me for the day, but the iPhone did just fine.

Ice And Fog
Barren Trees

Same picture after a little Photoshop magic.

Dark Days Of Winter

I’m hoping for even brighter days ahead.

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