Looking out towards the lake on Monday evening we spotted a Coast Guard Cutter headed in the direction of  the Aerial Lift Bridge. Then we saw another one and another one.  A trio of Coast Guard Cutters were coming in to get fuel and provisions before leading a convoy of two or three lakers (boats) from Two Harbors, back across the lake and  to the Soo Locks.   My 70-200mm lens helped to bring them into focus, but they were still very far away.  I was fortunate to see them up close this morning on way into work as they were docked and getting prepped for the next leg of their journey.

Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw
Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay

I missed getting a photo of the third Coast Guard Cutter, Katmai Bay.  I wasn’t expecting to see a third one until my view was partially blocked by trees.

Here are all three boats docked this morning.

Trio Of Coast Guard Cutters
Katmai Bay
Morro Bay


Ice Blossom
Ice Flow

Temperatures were in the single digits this morning with a below zero windchill.  Although spring is here according to the calendar and shipping season on the Great Lakes is underway, the weather is not cooperating.  Judging by all of the ice still on the lake and in the harbor, the Coast Guard Cutters will have their work cut out for them. (Pun intended)

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