Our household has been busy the past few weeks (and months).  School projects, baseball practices, piano lessons, gymnastics, work, meetings and day-to-day life.  We are all in need of some rest and relaxation.  Tomorrow is Friday.  One more day of school and work and then the weekend will begin.  Maybe there will be time to write a recap of our visit with my Mom last weekend and the night out with Mike’s parents to celebrate Karen’s belated birthday.  Maybe I will have time to write about the completion of Sebastian’s big school projects and the honor given by his school.  Maybe I will write about Sophia’s upcoming piano recital and the how hard she is working in both piano and gymnastics.  Maybe I will get in a few pictures of the kids and the dog this weekend and spend some time outdoors tending to our neglected yard…maybe.  In the meantime, all I have are a few pictures taken this week.

Big Ship, Little Boat
Calm Waters

Until the weekend…

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