It was quiet a Mother’s Day at our house.  I woke up before Mike and the kids, grabbed the newspaper and some coffee and enjoyed the calm, peaceful house.  Soon after, Mike got up and so did Sophia.  They got dressed and ran out to pick up a few of my favorite things – a mocha from Caribou Coffee, bagels & cream cheese and fresh flowers.  Purple tulips to be exact.  Here is one of the tulips from the beautiful bouquet.

Purple Tulip

When Sebastian finally got up, long after my mocha was gone, we looked at the kids’ homemade cards, Mike’s card and my Mother’s Day gift.  A new Nook HD.  Way cool!  It was past noon before we were done setting up my new Nook and messing around with apps, games and settings.  We went outside to enjoy a cool, but sunny walk with Daphne.  The kids opted to ride their bikes while I walked.  Mike was out on a run and met up with us to walk back home.  We spent most of the afternoon outside doing yard work.  There is still a LOT more to do, but we made some progress.  Our plants, shrubs and trees are about a month behind where they were at this time last year.  However, I’m just glad that things are growing and the snow is gone…well, mostly gone.

Ready To Bloom
All Alone
Buds On The Bush Cherry
Bleeding Heart
Camera Shy Chickadee
Remnants Of Last Fall
Remnants Of Winter
Inside Looking Out

Mike and Sebastian had a baseball practice scheduled at 6pm, so we grilled bratwurst and hot dogs, cut up fresh fruit and enjoyed an early dinner before they left.  Sophia and I spent some time together painting her nails and getting things ready for school the next day while the boys were gone.  Once Sebastian was home and both kids were showered and ready for bed, I realized that I hadn’t taken pictures of the them the whole day.   I had them go outside and took a few photos even though they were in their pj’s.  Mike made me get in a couple of the pictures because it was Mother’s Day after all.  I was reluctant since I hadn’t showered until late in the day and decided to skip putting on make-up and fixing my hair.  In the end, I’m glad that he insisted I get into the frame with them.

Just Before Bedtime
The Girls
Big Smile

Thank you for a quiet, but special Mother’s Day Mike, Sebastian and Sophia.  I love my new Nook, but most of all, I enjoyed spending the day with my family.  THANK YOU!

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