A quick recap of our week and a few gratuitous photos…

My Valentine’s bouquet still has blossoms.  The irises finished last week, but the lilies are still blooming.  Here is one of the stargazer lilies a few days ago.

Stargazer Lily
Close Up

The ice in the harbor made an unusual pattern last week.

Ice Pattern
Fenced In

The kids enjoyed a week off from school during their winter break last week.  They spent three days with some old daycare friends.  Mike and I took the other two days off from work to make for a long weekend with the kids.  We spent Thursday skiing and enjoyed a night away from home by using a gift certificate for a local hotel (with a pool for the kids, of course).

Ski Team 1
Ski Team II

Sophia had a playdate with a good friend on Saturday.  They built a snowman in the front yard.

Building A Snowman

Sunday was spent at Chester Bowl.  Mike was volunteering as a ski patrol while Sophia competed in her first ski race of the season.  Sebastian wasn’t feeling well, but came with to help cheer her on.

Down Hill
Friendly Competition

There was a near full moon on Sunday night.  I was with Sebastian while we took Daphne for a walk.  The moon was golden while it was rising up from the lake.  This is what it looked like by the time we got back to the house.


Yesterday’s sunrise was quite beautiful.  I wish I had been down by the lake taking photos.  Instead, I stood outside my front door in my bathrobe snapping a few pictures before I got too cold and had to go inside.

Tuesday Sunrise
Multitude of Colors

These ducks have been hanging around in open water near the slip bridge at the harbor.

Winter Ducks
Perfect Landing
Cool Swim
Headed For Open Water
Iced In

Mike just informed me that it is after ten o’clock and time to wrap it up.  My alarm at 5:30am comes way too soon.  Until next time.

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