Sebastian started middle school this past Monday.  It’s hard to believe he is in 6th grade already.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that he stepped on the school bus for the first time and began kindergarten.  He was quiet and shy and struggled with his new routine for the first month.  He didn’t know anyone in his class but made friends quickly.  Now as a 6th grader, he was a little apprehensive after the open house, but is confident and enjoys his new-found independence after the first week of middle school.

I predicted that he wouldn’t be overly photogenic on the first day of school.  I was correct.  I did snap a couple of pictures before he headed off to the bus.

6th Grader
Off To The Bus Stop

Sebastian finished the third week of a four-week UMD baseball camp today.  The first week was spent practicing and evaluating players.  After evaluations, the kids were divided into four teams and now are spending Sundays through September 23 practicing and playing games.  The games are six innings and each inning is pitched by a different player.  Sebastian’s inning was completed in just 11 pitches – he struck out the side.  He also did a nice job at bat.  He was 2 for 3 and had one walk.

At Bat

One final item about Sebastian.  We have been using the back of a bedroom door to measure the height of both kids since they were able to stand.  At just shy of 12 years old, Sebastian has hit the mark of five feet.  He grew two inches in the past year.  I don’t have much time left before he will surpass me in height.  My days are numbered.

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