Just The Beginning

It’s hard to believe that Sebastian will be graduating from high school in just two short weeks.  He started school as a shy five year old and has become a confident young man.  He pitches on the varsity baseball team, has a part time job, works out whenever he can and is graduating with nearly a 4.0 GPA.  We celebrated his baseball team’s senior night with him last week.  Instead of being sad that his high school days are ending, we are excited for him to start college and his adult life.  We couldn’t be more proud.


Just the seniors.

His teammates and friends call him Sebas or in this case, Seabass.

13 years of baseball memories.

Parents and player.

Senior parents and players.

Starting pitcher for senior night and he had a “heck of a complete game”, per his coach.

A quick photo after the game including a little sun flare.

Bonus family photo from Mother’s Day.

We are looking forward to graduation and seeing all of our family and friends at the grad party.  College orientation is scheduled for June and freshman welcome week is at the end of August.  It’s just the beginning of many more great experiences for Sebastian.

Season Opener

Sebastian’s first game of the season was last night.  It was a perfect night for baseball. Warm temps, sunshine and a great match up.  Sebastian did an awesome job at first base with flawless play including the great catch of a foul ball for an out. He also stole a couple of bases that put him in position to score a run. We are excited for the season as this will be his last with Little League.

Making The Play

Along with his baseball skills, Sebastian has a 4.0 GPA and perfect attendance at school this year and impresses us with his eye for photography.  A couple of his shots are below.

Panoramic View
Into Port