A Taste Of Spring

We experienced a taste of spring this past weekend with a little baseball, a little outdoor time and a little bit too much sun.  We enjoyed watching Sebastian’s baseball team play during a double-header at a nearby field.  Even though the sun was shining, the wind was cool.  I had to wear my winter jacket, but it was nice to be outdoors in the fresh air.  It was also nice seeing Sebastian’s team win both games.

Spring Baseball

There hasn’t been much time for yard work and the cool temperatures have not inspired us to start outdoor projects, but I did take my camera out for a quick tour of the garden and yard to see if anything was growing.  There isn’t much yet, but the forecast is for several days with highs in the 60’s.  The grass will be green before we know it..and the dandelions will be blooming. 😉

Think Spring

The B’s


This boat was traveling out on the lake near sunset tonight.  The calm waters of Lake Superior made for a reflection in the water that we could see from our house miles away.  Beyond the boat in the background is the ice that continues to shift in toward shore. Tonight it had moved further out towards Wisconsin.

Reflection | Boat On Lake Superior

These two tugs escorted the BBC Celina into port yesterday morning.  I had hoped to catch her going under the Aerial Lift Bridge, but was slowed down on my drive towards the harbor by a garbage truck.  I think this shot turned out better than the one that I had wanted to get.  You can also see it on Daily Duluth Photo.

Big Boat, Little Boats

Not long after the BBC Celina came under the bridge, the Wagenborg came in.

Two Big Boats


Sebastian’s intermediate baseball season is underway.  We saw his first game on Sunday afternoon.  He did a great job pitching and also had a single, stole bases and had a great catch in the outfield.

Lefty Pitcher
Right-Handed Batter


My daffodils are finally blooming now that it is the 3rd week in May.

Blooming Daffodils
Standing Tall

My Mother’s Day flowers are still looking good a week and a half later.

Big Bloom


The trees and shrubs are slowly showing signs of tiny leaves.  Spring has been slow to come this year, but I think it really is here .

Budding Branches


Sophia’s Spring recital was on Tuesday at Weber Music Hall at UMD.  Once again she had the opportunity to play piano on stage in front of an audience.  She did a wonderful job playing a piece called Little Grey Owl and another that she composed last fall titled Autumn Dance of the Leaves.


At the end of the recital, she and many of her fellow piano students received their awards/certificates for piano testing that they did earlier in the year.



We have had a number of birds at our bird feeder, including this little guy who didn’t seem to be bothered by my picture-taking.


I was trying to get a picture of this little red bird (and wasn’t doing a very good job), when a chickadee photobombed my image.


We are all looking forward to a long weekend with the Memorial holiday ahead.  We are planning to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

America’s Favorite Pastime…


From Coach Sullivan (aka Mike/Dad)

A look back at the 2013 Little League Red Sox season offered highs and lows.  The year began with practices in a gym amid a snowy April coating the ball park.  This year I jumped into the head coaching role after assisting for years.  The experience was extremely rewarding.  Youth sports have changed tremendously since I was a child with many sports playing year round.  In northern Minnesota, baseball is still a summertime sport and a favorite of mine.  I instructed the kids at the beginning of the season to play hard, stay positive, have fun and the rewards will come.

Sebastian began his third and final year on the pitching mound leading his team to an opening day victory.  After a roller coaster regular season of 18 games the team, now great friends, came together and made a memorable playoff run.  The Red Sox played 5 games in 7 nights and finished with a solid 2nd place trophy.

Sebastian finished the year with a batting average over 400 and two unforgettable performances on the pitching mound.  The first was 5 innings of shutout ball against the #2 seed Rays before reaching his pitch count limit of 85 pitches.  His buddy came in to close the game and the Red Sox won the game 3-0.

In Sebastian’s second playoff appearance, he served up a gem.  His first ever complete game – 6 innings, 22 batters, 4 strike outs and no walks.  His pitch count when it was over – 63. We won 2-1 in a crazy nail-biter vs. the A’s.  It was an elimination game for us and Sebastian stepped up big-time surrounded by a huge crowd of parents, grandparents, neighbors, friends and other coaches watching, including the league president, who personally congratulated him after the game.  It was a double-elimination tournament so we needed to beat the A’s twice.  This was the first.  Unfortunately, the second night the Red Sox fell short, but it was a wonderful journey.

I’m really proud of Sebastian as a player, a teammate, and a leader.  Awesome job!  It’s been a fun ride in my last stint as head coach.  Sebastian will move to the Juniors division next year.

Here are some photos from the playoffs.

Sebastian & Coach Sullivan
Pitch Perfect
Winning Team
Goofy Team
Trophy Team

And because playing for one baseball team wasn’t enough for Sebastian this year, here’s a peek at AllStars baseball.

AllStar Baseball

See you at the field next year!