Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend at Mike’s parents’ cabin.  We lucked out and had great weather.  We enjoyed fishing, swimming, boating and playing in the sand.  Sophia also found a special friend to play with while we were there.  Here’s the recap in photos.

Gone Fishin’

Sophia And Nana


Resting After Playing In The Sand

Sophia’s new-found friend…

Mr. Tree Frog

Where Is Mr. Frog Now?  Can You Find Him?

Hanging On

Frog “Nose” Best

Frog In The Face

Time For Frog To Go Home

It was nice to see the kids working together to build a sand castle kingdom.

Building Sand Castles

Stop And Smile For The Camera

Back To Work

Sprinkled With Sand

In the evening, we watched the full moon come up over the lake and enjoyed the campfire.

Blue Moon


A little late night fishing for Mike and Sophia brought in a catfish.  It was quickly removed from the hook and released back into the lake.


The next morning Sophia hooked a huge sunfish.

Big Catch

After Sophia’s big catch, Mike caught two bass.  Tom and Sophia volunteered to scale, clean and filet them.  I was quite impressed that Sophia took part in this.  She is a city girl and becomes sad when a spider is killed instead of being released outside.

Cleaning Fish

Fish Eyeball – Gross!

After the fish were cleaned, the kids continued work on their sand castle kingdom.

Sand Sculpting

Team Work

They finished the weekend with one last cannon ball into the lake.

Ready For Take Off

Up In The Air

Taking The Plunge

It was a great way to end summer.  Bring on fall!

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