Sophia’s first day of school was yesterday.  Her school started a day later than the rest of the district as they are in a temporary building for the year while her elementary school is being renovated.  Classes were set up in a former middle school.  We were a bit apprehensive about the change in venue, but were impressed during open house with how well the school looked.  Many things were done to make the environment more welcoming to young kids including colorful signs to lead the kids to their classrooms, lunch room, library and other rooms in the building.  Sophia’s teacher is new to the school this year.  We found out that she actually lives just a block from our house.  We are looking forward to a great year for Sophia.

Third Grader
First Day Outfit
On The Way To The Bus
Looking Back
Waiting For The Bus
Bus Is Coming
Boarding The Bus
On Her Way

Sebastian begins middle school on Monday.  He will be going to a newly renovated school that was formerly a high school  We attended the open house on Thursday and were all a bit overwhelmed with the size of the school, but became more comfortable with the building as we toured and found all of Sebastian’s classrooms and met his teachers.  I will likely only get one or two photos of him on his first day.  I’m sure I will have to sneak the pictures with my iPhone instead of pulling out my SLR.  He is officially too cool for school and having his mom taking pictures of him is definitely not cool.

Here are some previous “First Days”

2011 School Year

2010 School Year

2009 School Year

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