The kids started school last week.  There was an open house the night before.  The kids each dropped off their school supplies in their desks, met their teachers and saw lots of friends.  Although they weren’t ready for summer break to end, they both missed the social aspect of school – but not so much the homework.

I barely caught Sebastian before he headed out the door to catch the bus.  I made him sit with his sister to get our “First Day of School” photo.  

Back to Class
Waiting For The Bus
Waiting On The Rock
Waiting On The Rock, II

The kids had a long wait.  Not only did they arrive over 15 minutes early to the bus stop, but the bus was late.  Typical for the first day of school while the driver is still figuring out the route and the kids are getting back into their routine. 

Where Is That Bus?
It's Almost Here
See Ya Later Mom and Dad

I hate to jinx it, but Sophia has ridden the bus now for the first five days of school.  We sent her on the bus for her first day of Kindergarten last year, but she quickly opted for a ride to school from Mom for the remainder of the school year.  I didn’t mind dropping her off.  We had a great routine.  We would get Sebastian to the bus stop, then drive down to school.  We had a few minutes to waste before the bell would ring and she could go into the school.  Our daily routine was to take a photo with my iPhone, send it to Dad and by then it was time for her to go into school and for me to head to work.  This year I can get both of them to the bus stop and I should be able to get to work 15 minutes early (once the bus is on time and the city is free of road construction).  I guess that means I will be able to leave 15 minutes early too!

The kids both like their teachers, despite the amount of homework.  We are looking forward to another great school year.

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