I’ve been MIA – busy with the holidays, cleaning up from the holidays, an unexpected trip to the northern-most part of the state, Sebastian’s invention project, the kids’ ski races, getting back to work and the kids going back to school, along with a side project/job that I’ve taken on for a friend.  Although our holiday break took some unexpected turns, we did have quality time with both sets of parents (grandparents) and a short visit with the Sullivan cousins.  We found time to see a movie, play some games, enjoy our new Christmas gifts and spend time together as a family.  Now that we are back into the craziness of work and school, it was nice to stop and enjoy a couple of beautiful sunrises this week.  I neglected to bring my camera with me on my drive to work both yesterday and today, but borrowed my company’s point-and-shoot to capture these images this morning.

January Sunrise


Painted Sky


Here’s a family photo taken with Sophia’s new camera at our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner destination – Famous Dave’s.  We spent some additional time next door at Adventure Zone playing games, winning tickets and exchanging tickets for two stuffed monkeys, two tops and a few other plastic trinkets.  Fun was had by the kids and the parents. 🙂

Happy New Year!


The kids spent the earlier part of their New Year’s Eve at Chester Bowl participating in the ski races.  Mike and I were busy trying to stay warm at the bottom of the hill, but eagerly cheering on both of them.  Sophia had two excellent runs that put her in the middle of nearly 20 kids in her age category.  Sebastian outdid himself by placing second in his category.  Here are the YouTube clips of their races.


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