The Return of Elf on the Shelf, Part II

Day 9 | Flying High
Buddy and his friend, Sock Monkey, set up a zip line for day nine.

Day 10 | Buddy The Baker
Buddy offered his baking skills to make cookies for the reception following Sophia’s piano recital on day ten.

Day 11 | Holiday Greetings
Time to mail the holiday cards.  Buddy showed up with his giant pencil ready to sign off on each card on day eleven.

Day 12 | Sugar Buzz
Buddy found the stash of peppermint patties and was caught red-handed on day twelve.

Day 13 | Tree Topper
Buddy filled in as the angel on top of the tree for day thirteen.

Day 14 | Snow Angel
The subzero temperatures kept Buddy inside on day fourteen as he found a creative way to make a snow angel.

Day 15 | Tangled Up
On day fifteen, Buddy got a little tangle up trying to add lights to the Christmas tree.

Day 16 | On Santa’s Lap
Buddy gave Santa his Christmas list on day sixteen.

The final eight photos will be posted on Christmas Eve.


The Return of Elf on the Shelf

Day 1 | Metal Mouth
I wasn’t certain if our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy, would return this year.  Much to our surprise, on the morning of December 1, we found Buddy on the dining room table.  He was sporting some new braces on his teeth.  Sophia was scheduled to get her own braces later that same day.

Day 2 | Office Shenanigans
On day two Buddy was already getting into trouble.  He found our copier and was printing a selfie.

Day 3 | Holiday Decorating
Buddy was in the holiday spirit on day three and thought it was time we began decorating for Christmas.

Day 4  | Buddy The Contractor
Buddy must have been aware that our basement renovation project was moving slower that we had hoped and on day four he offered to lend a hand.  He even brought along his own tools.

Day 5 | Frozen
In the spirit of the movie Frozen, Buddy decided it would be fun to make a snowman on day five.  He even asked if we wanted to build a snowman too.

Day 6 | Buddy The Tailor
Buddy was disappointed  that there wasn’t a Christmas stocking above the fireplace for him.  On day six he decided to make his own.

Day 7 | Licensed To Drive
Like Sebastian, Buddy also received his driver’s license recently.  He borrowed one of Sebastian’s old model cars and took it for a ride.

Day 8 | Superhero
Just being Buddy The Elf is not enough for our very own caped crusader.

What will Buddy do next?  Stay tuned.

Elf On The Shelf 2015 | Finale

Buddy is headed home tonight with his report for Santa.  Here is what he has been doing during his final days at the Sullivan household.

On day 22, Buddy had to fill in for a fellow elf who was out sick.

Day 22 | Filling In For Crackle

On day 23, Buddy was busy with some mischief.

Day 23 | Minions!

On his final day, Buddy prepared his sled for departure.

Day 24 | Candy Cane Sleigh

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

See you again next year!!