We saw a variety of wild creatures during our week at the cabin.  We spotted eagles, geese, kingfishers, a muskrat and all of the wild life below.

Full Speed Ahead | Slug
Tiny Handful | Frog
Ready For My Close Up | Dragonfly


Going For A Swim | Mallard Duck

We found these guys on our deck one evening after dark.

Mirror Image | Toads

Sophia did a little catch and release with this sunny.

Caught ‘Em | Sunfish
Standing Tall | Blue Heron
Flying High | Turkey Vulture
Coming Up For Air | Painted Turtle
Trio | Common Loons

We spotted this fellow along the side of the road on our way into town.  Sophia snapped a quick picture with my iPhone before he trotted off into the woods.

Among The Wild Flowers | Black Bear

While fishing off the dock before bedtime, Sophia caught a “big” fish.

Hooked | Rock Bass

It was a fun week with spottings of new animals each day.

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