Our rental cabin was located in a bay on Round Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin.  Sebastian snapped this picture with his iPhone one evening.

Beautiful Reflection

Mike and the kids enjoyed lots of boating and playing on/in the water.  I did too, I’m just not in any of the photos. 🙂

Fun On The Water
Full Speed Ahead
Go Faster!
Making Waves


How Not To Ride The Tube
Slow Ride
Just Floating
Photo Bomb
Catching Some Rays
Balancing Act
Losing The Battle
Making A Splash
Just Fishin’

We enjoyed watching the lake change throughout the week.

Almost Sunset

Watching the sun go down.


Late night boat ride.

Following The Moon Glow

One last shot just before bedtime.

By The Light Of The Moon

Early morning on departure day.

Calm, But Hazy

Next up: Hayward 2014 | The Wild Life


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