The snow began on Monday morning and continues yet tonight (Wednesday).  We have had over two feet of snow.  The yard stick on the deck is measuring nearly 33 inches, but the local weather forecaster said that we have had 28.6 inches.  Either way, it’s a LOT!  The schools are already canceling classes for tomorrow.  This is the third day in a row.  I have been working from home the past two days.  Mike ventured into work yesterday, but opted to take a vacation day today to try to keep up with snowblowing and enjoy a little outdoor fun with the kids. The winds have been blowing the snow and pelting the windows with a slushy mess.  The blizzard-like conditions made picture-taking difficult and had Mike and the kids using their ski goggles while working/playing outdoors.  My camera got wet even huddled next to the shelter of the house.  The photos look a bit blurry from the heavy snow falling along with the water spots on my lens.

Snow Capped
Through The Front Window
Geared Up For Sledding
Ready, Set, Go
Down The Hill
No Hands
Napping On The Snow Covered Bench
Fire Wood
Snow Covered Foliage
Snow Covered Pine Branches
Sledding The Backyard Hills

Mike and the kids took a break late in the afternoon and then went back out after dark to sled some more, build a snowman and a snow fort.

Mike, Sophia & Frosty
Snow Fort
Time For Some Roof Raking

We are hoping the plow comes through by morning.  It has only gone by once since the snow began.  That was yesterday morning.  Several neighbors with AWD have gotten stuck on our street and had to dig or snowblow themselves out.  The forecast is for the snow to end by morning and then cold temperatures (-15 degree lows) are coming at the end of the week. It is hard to believe that the calendar says it’s fall.  If this is fall, what is winter going to be like?

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