I made my usual trip home at lunchtime yesterday to let Daphne out, give her some exercise and grab a quick lunch.  After spending time out in the backyard playing fetch, Daphne and I went inside.  She was thirsty and I was hungry.  Just as I was sitting to eat, I noticed something large and black in the backyard while looking through the kitchen window.  I didn’t have a good angle on it, so I went into the dining room to further investigate.  This is where I noticed that the large black thing was moving, lumbering actually, up the hill headed for my flower garden.  This thing made a stop at my bird bath.  I guess he/she was just as thirsty as Daphne.

UnBearably Thirsty
Thirst Quencher
Wandering Off
Until We Me Again

It was quite a sight, to say the least.  He/she looked like they had been eating well this summer.  It happened to be garbage day in the neighborhood.  One of our neighbors suggested that he/she was making the rounds looking for the next meal.  As exciting as it was, I would be fine if he/she doesn’t come back to our watering hole or to look for their next free lunch.

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