Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful Minnesota weekend.  We enjoyed the outdoors with some recreational activities, a little yard work and sitting on the deck enjoying the view.

We have seen many, many blue jays in recent days. This one posed in our apple tree.

Blue Jay

My sunflower is quite spectacular with several blossoms.

Sunny Flowers
Sun Flair

Here’s the view from the trail during my bike ride along the Amity creek.

Amity Creek

Our neighborhood bear stopped to get a drink out of our backyard pool.  He left the inflatable ring deflated.  His claws tore through the cover and made a puncture through the pool.  Luckily the pool water stayed put and Mike was able to patch it.

Bear Evidence
Big Foot

The leaves are just beginning to change color.  Photos of the autumn hues will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Big Black Bear

Mike received a surprise for his birthday.  A very large bear greeted us this morning as it strolled through the neighborhood.  It ventured from our neighbor’s front yard, through our side yard, into the backyard and around to the neighbor’s house behind us.

Lumbering Through The Neighbor’s Front Yard
Enjoying The Flowers
Backside View
Strolling Along
Until Next Time

She looked as though she could use a trip to the groomer, but definitely has been eating well.

The Bear Necessities

I made my usual trip home at lunchtime yesterday to let Daphne out, give her some exercise and grab a quick lunch.  After spending time out in the backyard playing fetch, Daphne and I went inside.  She was thirsty and I was hungry.  Just as I was sitting to eat, I noticed something large and black in the backyard while looking through the kitchen window.  I didn’t have a good angle on it, so I went into the dining room to further investigate.  This is where I noticed that the large black thing was moving, lumbering actually, up the hill headed for my flower garden.  This thing made a stop at my bird bath.  I guess he/she was just as thirsty as Daphne.

UnBearably Thirsty
Thirst Quencher
Wandering Off
Until We Me Again

It was quite a sight, to say the least.  He/she looked like they had been eating well this summer.  It happened to be garbage day in the neighborhood.  One of our neighbors suggested that he/she was making the rounds looking for the next meal.  As exciting as it was, I would be fine if he/she doesn’t come back to our watering hole or to look for their next free lunch.