The new school year began for Sebastian this past Thursday.  It was a cool, but sunny morning.  The bus was several minutes late, but he didn’t mind waiting at the bus stop talking with a former baseball teammate who is also in 7th grade.  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures other than a couple at the house, but I did sneak an iPhone picture of the bus as it was headed towards the bus stop.

7th Grader

Sophia’s first day of school was today.  Her school was closed for a year of renovations and last year she attended classes at an old middle school that is now closed.  School started a couple of days later than the rest of the district so that the teachers would have extra time to get moved into their newly renovated classrooms.  The school has a beautiful new entrance, new gymnasium, updated cafeteria, school grounds and parking lot/drop off area. Sophia’s morning began early today – 6:20 a.m.  Her bus stop is at 6:59 a.m.  It’s going to be a struggle to make the bus each day.  Mike and I walked her down to the bus stop in foggy, drizzly weather.  We took a few photos along the way and had hoped to get a few pictures at the bus stop, but the bus arrived early.  She quickly got on, turned and smiled and then headed to her seat.  She waved out the window and was on her way to the first day of fourth grade.

4th Grader

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