The Sullivan cousins enjoyed a warm Labor Day weekend at the cabin.  It’s so much fun to watch the kids, ages four to fourteen, hang out together and get along so well.  They stayed busy with swimming, boating, tubing and fishing.  The weather was gorgeous Friday and most of Saturday.  They even put on their swimsuits and continued the water activities on Sunday when the temperatures were only in the 60’s and the kids next door were in sweatshirts.

The weekend began in true Sullivan style with a bit of drama on the way to the cabin.  We left early Thursday evening and came across some nasty weather.  Fortunately, we were slower leaving our house than we had planned and came across its destructive path after the fact.  The system went through a rural area and a small tornado knocked down trees and did some minor damage to buildings.  We saw some amazing skies and although I wanted to stop and get my camera out to take photos, Mike didn’t pause our journey for picture-taking.  I did catch some of the clouds on my iPhone while we were on the move including this one of dark clouds looming over a farm.


It was completely dark out by the time we got to the cabin.  Mike swerved around branches and debris on the road.  We also had to stop on the dirt road to the cabin to pull tree branches off our path from a fallen tree.  We also saw an owl catching a small rodent and fly up into a tree.  Quite an eventful evening and the weekend was yet to begin.

The first morning when we got up, Sophia found a very small frog.

Tiny Frog

Then it was time for some water activities.


All at once…


Here’s the way NOT to go tubing…


Let the fishing begin…

Looking For The Big One
Got Em’
Taking Credit
Two Big Ones
The Cousins’ Catch

We took the annual “Cousins on the Dock” photo.

Cousins 2013

See how they’ve grown…

Cousins 2012
Cousins 2011

We missed a year at the cabin, but this is from 2010.

Cousins 2010 (Not at the Cabin & Max Was Napping)
Cousins 2009
Cousins 2008

We’re already looking forward to next year!

2 thoughts on “Cousins At The Cabin

  1. Once again, these pictures are great. I would like copies of all of them so I can put them in a book at the cabin. Could you print them off and I can pay you for them? Thanks.



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