Cousins 2014

The location may have changed slightly for 2014, but we were able to get the Sullivan cousins to sit still long enough to take our annual dock photo.  It’s been fun watching them grow each year.  They have a great time whenever they are together.  I hope it stays this way for another 90 years or so.

2010 (Not at the Cabin & Max Was Napping)
2008 (Max Wasn’t Born Yet)

Cousins At The Cabin

The Sullivan cousins enjoyed a warm Labor Day weekend at the cabin.  It’s so much fun to watch the kids, ages four to fourteen, hang out together and get along so well.  They stayed busy with swimming, boating, tubing and fishing.  The weather was gorgeous Friday and most of Saturday.  They even put on their swimsuits and continued the water activities on Sunday when the temperatures were only in the 60’s and the kids next door were in sweatshirts.

The weekend began in true Sullivan style with a bit of drama on the way to the cabin.  We left early Thursday evening and came across some nasty weather.  Fortunately, we were slower leaving our house than we had planned and came across its destructive path after the fact.  The system went through a rural area and a small tornado knocked down trees and did some minor damage to buildings.  We saw some amazing skies and although I wanted to stop and get my camera out to take photos, Mike didn’t pause our journey for picture-taking.  I did catch some of the clouds on my iPhone while we were on the move including this one of dark clouds looming over a farm.


It was completely dark out by the time we got to the cabin.  Mike swerved around branches and debris on the road.  We also had to stop on the dirt road to the cabin to pull tree branches off our path from a fallen tree.  We also saw an owl catching a small rodent and fly up into a tree.  Quite an eventful evening and the weekend was yet to begin.

The first morning when we got up, Sophia found a very small frog.

Tiny Frog

Then it was time for some water activities.


All at once…


Here’s the way NOT to go tubing…


Let the fishing begin…

Looking For The Big One
Got Em’
Taking Credit
Two Big Ones
The Cousins’ Catch

We took the annual “Cousins on the Dock” photo.

Cousins 2013

See how they’ve grown…

Cousins 2012
Cousins 2011

We missed a year at the cabin, but this is from 2010.

Cousins 2010 (Not at the Cabin & Max Was Napping)
Cousins 2009
Cousins 2008

We’re already looking forward to next year!


I missed blogging about many special events that occurred during April, May and June. Here’s my chance at a quick catch up.

Nana Karen celebrated a birthday in April.  Although their trip to Duluth to celebrate was delayed, we enjoyed a belated birthday dinner at a local Japanese restaurant.  The kids tried their hand at using chopsticks and watching an onion volcano.

Nana’s Birthday

Sebastian worked on his Duluth project for social studies class during April and May.  He was given the task of researching a local landmark/event.  He was  assigned Grandma’s Marathon – the largest draw of tourists our city sees during any weekend during the year.  He spent several weeks working on research, writing content, locating photos and creating a poster board.  He even talked his Mom into photographing the headquarters building for his poster board.  He presented the poster after school and received an A on the project.  Well done Sebastian!

Marathon Headquarters
Poster Presentation

There were lots of play dates and time outdoors during the month of May despite the cool temperatures.  Notice the winter jacket Sophia is wearing during some outdoor fun with a neighborhood friend in early May.

Up A Tree

Sebastian had his band concert on May 16.  He came a long way from November when he first began playing the baritone.  He practiced his instrument faithfully every morning before school and it paid off.  Another “A” on his report card for band.

Middle School Band Concert
Baritone Player – Back Row 2nd from Right

Baseball practice got under way in April and May – all indoors due to the snow.  There were even indoor practices that canceled due to snowstorms and poor driving conditions.  The season finally began during mid-May.  It was cold and many parents wore winter jackets and were wrapped in blankets, but we were all glad that the season was finally underway!

At Bat
Here Comes The Pitch

Sophia had her BIG piano recital at UMD’s Weber Music Hall.  She handled it like a pro even though she had only been taking lessons for just shy of six months.  She had a house full of fans – two cousins, two aunts, an uncle, two grandmas, a grandpa, her parents and her brother.  Well done Sophia!

Ready For Her Big Performance

Memorial weekend was spent at Mike’s parents’ cabin in northern Minnesota.  The weather was a bit chilly, but the cousins enjoyed their time together.  It was too cold for tubing or water skiing, but we were able to go for a nice pontoon ride and see nesting eagles.  Mike also took the old boat out with the kids for a “speed boat” ride around the lake.

Family Fun
Bald Eagle

The end of the school year brought many field trips and activities for the kids.  Sophia’s class performed a play/musical that they put on for the whole school and also had a second performance for families.  All of the practice at home and school paid off.  The whole class did a wonderful job!

The Skunk
The Cast

We had the burial and graveside service for my Dad on May 31.  We all met back at my Mom’s house after the service and luncheon to help with a few things around the farm.  I took some photos of the old buildings that are no longer used.  The old garage was going to be torn down and a new one put up.  We explored the inside and found cardboard boxes that had been nailed to the walls back in the 1930’s or 1940’s for insulation.  A few pencil drawings were on some of the boxes.  They were dated the early 1950’s and were done by the daughter of the previous owner.

The Old Farm

Sebastian’s commitment to his studies during the school year paid off.  He was awarded a special honor for having straight A’s during the school year and perfect attendance.  He was given four tickets to a Minnesota Twins game…on my birthday!  Thanks for a great birthday present Sebastian.  It was a blast!!  Despite some rain, the game went on and the Twins won the game in the bottom of the 9th inning with a walk off triple.

Target Field
Target Field II
Joe Mauer Up To Bat
Plane Flying By
Dark Skies Upon Us
Twins Win!
The Boys After The Game
Me & The Kids
Mike & The Kids

On our way home from the Twin Cities, we stopped by Gordy’s Hi-Hat for a birthday dinner. We enjoyed some not-so-healthy, but delicious food.

Birthday Dinner

The last day of school was cool and rainy – kind of a theme for the entire spring.  Sophia and Sebastian let me snap a couple of photos before they left for their final day of 3rd grade and 6th grade.

Last Day Of School 2012-2013

The weather has finally taken a turn now that it is the end of June.  The high today is 82 degrees and the ten-day forecast is for highs in the 70’s and 80’s.  No 50’s or 60’s anytime soon.  We are all looking forward to a great summer ahead!!