A high school friend of my mine was in town recently.  Her Dad was having surgery and she came to be here with him.  She and her children were spending a number of days in Minnesota to visit family and friends.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, but moved away after college.  We hadn’t kept in touch much until after her daughter was born.  After reconnecting, I found out that she also has a daughter named Sophia that was born the same year as my Sophia.  Exactly three months to the day before my Sophia.

The girls had only met once when they were very small.  In fact, neither Sophia nor Sebastian remembered meeting before.  We got together on a beautiful evening at Playfront Park.  The kids played on the playground and ran around.  Then Mike and Sebastian started up a touch football game.  All of the kids teamed up and had a great time.  They even took in a random kid or two that happened to be in the park.  After they finished the game, we walked over to Bayfront Festival Park and along the lakewalk so that her kids could see the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Surveying The Lake
Dipping Their Toes In

They even saw a few boats heading in and out under the Aerial Lift Bridge including this sailboat.

Nice Night For A Sailboat Ride

Then they started skipping rocks which turned into throwing rocks in the water.

Finding A Big Rock

Even my friend’s youngest son sprinkled in some pebbles to see the splash they made.

Tippy Toes

Then the girls found a big rock…

Fast Friends

…and watched it splash into the water.

Looking For The Splash

Next they headed for the big stage at Bayfront.  Maybe they wanted to pretend to be rock stars.

Climbing To The Top

It was getting dark and was way past the kids’ bedtimes when we left.

I sure wish they lived closer.  So does Sophia.  🙂

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