It’s nearly August.  Where did July go?  It’s been a great month, but it has definitely gone by too quickly.  As with June, we spent a lot of time at the baseball field.  With Sebastian playing on three teams, when I wasn’t cheering him on, I was washing his baseball uniforms.  We did take a break from baseball on the 4th of July and played a little golf (mini golf for Sophia and me) and went to Bayfront Festival Park to enjoy some music and fireworks.

Tee Time
Fourth Fest

After a very late night, we all slept in and then packed for a weekend at Tom and Karen’s cabin.  We enjoyed a nice sunset, the local wildlife and some boating/tubing.

Sunset On Long Lake
Catching Some Rays
Leave It To Beaver
Smooth Ride
Wild Ride
Nice And Easy (With Nana)

After a relaxing weekend, we headed home to get back to work and for more baseball!

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